Free Fraction Calculator


This platform shows that how to convert decimal (up to 10 decimal places) to fractions, in a very simple form.

Please Enter Zero Before The Decimal Number Like (0.1, 0.34, values)

Just Type In A Decimal Only !!!

Here's a Random Fraction Examples:

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37.64 = 37 64/100

When we divide a whole things into equal parts then each part is the fraction of whole thing (eg. If there is 10 peoples in the room, and three are the girls from them then the fraction of whole is 3/10).

Here we provide the input field for the users to enter the decimal numbers like 0.012, 0.3459, 0.854323 etc. and he/she will get the Fraction of that decimal numbers.

Users can see an example of the Fraction at the bottom of the page. Once the users refresh the page they can see the different example on every page refresh.