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Multiplication Chart Table

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Methods To Understanding The Multiplication

4 Times Table Multiplication

Multiplication is good and understandable when it is explained as “group of” instead of “times”. To explain multiplication to the children, parents/teachers/students should be explained in this way. kids are doing addition together with the groups of numbers like as,

eg. 2 x 3 becomes 2 groups of 3,

eg. 2 x 3 becomes 2 groups of 3 and that may be like as 3+3= 6

Multiplication is the way of adding the groups of numbers together. This is a very easy way to understand the multiplication process for the student, and how it works.

Tips to Learn 1-12 Multiplication Tables

When children want to learn multiplication, children think this is a very difficult moment for them. It is a very easy way for those who are struggling to learn multiplication. This is a good way to learn tables 1-12.

Tips to Learn 1 Times Table

When a number is multiplied by one number, its result is the same. This means that there is only 1 group of numbers.

Tips to Learn 2 Times Table

Multiplication Table

When a number is multiplied by 2, the number becomes double. You can also tell the children in such a way that by adding any number of the same type, you can get the result.

For eg: 3x2 = 6 is same as 3+3 = 6

In both processes, the result will be the same.

Tips to Learn 3 Times Table

There is no important rule to remember the multiplication of 3. there is a pattern for each multiple of 10 of 3 numbers.

For eg: 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24 …… and so on…. then you can understand that the last digit of multiples always repeats, then the student can easily understand it. they must remember it for the multiplication of 3.

When we are looking for the next example for like this we can see that the set of numbers are 33,36,39,42,45,48,51…… and so on….then we can see that the last set of numbers is like that 3,6,9,2,5,8,1....etc are in repeated pattern this is the technique to know the number are present in which format.

Tips to Learn 4 Times Table

For the 4 times table if the number is multiplied by 4 then it means that is multiply by twice times the number.

For easy to learn to the kids, we have given the example below:

For eg: 8X4 becomes 8+8 = 16 and 16+16 = 32.

Tips to Learn 5 Times Table

Number 5 has a very easy timetable to learn for the student. The kids can learn the use of this pattern, which is given below to easily understand 5 times table. like as 5,0,5,0,5,0.....

Tips to Learn 6 Times Table

When we multiply to any number with 6 then output always ends with the last digit of the number being multiplied. we can see here For eg: 4x6 = 24, 8x6 = 48

Tips to Learn 7 Times Table

Here definitely you can take help of the previous tips such as the multiply it by twice time, means it becomes double. When you multiply by 3 then the end number is 1 and when you multiply to 7 by 4 then it becomes twice. when you multiply any number with an odd number then the number result at the end will be 5.

For the example when wi take like as 7x8 = 56, which means 5-6-7-8.

Tips to Learn 8 Times Table

8 Times table is very easy to learn eg. you can do number double, double, and Again do double it.

Tips to Learn 9 Times Table

When kids are learning the 9 tables then first of all here are two ways to learn it. The first is the multiply the other number by 10 and then subtract the other number.

For eg: 9x5=45, which mean 10x10=100 (100-10=90)

The second tip is to work only for the first 10 multiples. Each time kids increase what is multiplied by nine the ten's solution the column increase by 1 and one's column decreases by one.

Tips to Learn 10 Times Table

This is a very easy timetable without any tip, College students just should do the addition of zero to every number which are multiplied by 10 numbers.

Tips to Learn 11 Times Table

The eleven-time table is very easy to learn for the kids this is a simple way, you must repeat the digit which is multiplied by 11.

Tips to Learn 12 Times Table

whenever you want to learn the 12-time table then you must have required to use two times table one is the 10 and another one is 2. Then after that add them together.

For example, we can understand here as

For eg: 12x5 = 60

(10x5 = 50) + (2x5)

50+10 = 60

These are the tips to help the student or kids to learn the multiplication table, with the help of these tips, kids learn the easy way to learn the multiplication table.